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North Oshawa Library: Equipment


The Library provides computer workstations to use for library research .

For help with issues regarding network, login, and printing you may contact the Campus IT help desk via telephone: 905-721-3333, option 1. 

Use the map on the left to locate specific equipment.

Collaboration technologies

We have Smartboards and screen sharing technologies on the 3rd floor study rooms of the North Campus Library.

Smartboards could be used for practicing or developing presentations via SmartNote software. You can borrow laptops with the SmartNote software at the circulation desk.

Screen sharing. We have a configuration that allows up to 4 devices to connect to an appliance wirelessly and show these screens on a touch screen monitor. The device outputs could be rearranged, annotated using a pen or your finger, and the results captured as an image.  Ask at the circulation desk.

Recording equipment

Recording room interior

A recording room equipped with professional quality camera, microphone, two monitors, LED lights is available on the main floor at the North Campus. It is configured to allow simple one button operation. All you need is to bring your USB flash drive (Note: your presentation will record at 720 p and the file will encoded to an MP4 format. One hour recording will use 1.5 GB of storage. It is recommend that you use a USB flash drive with storage space of at least 16GB.)

Book the recording room through the reference desk at the North Campus Library.

Printers, Copiers, Scanners

Printers. The library locations have several high volume high speed printers. Please refer to the main printers page for more information.

Scanners / Photocopiers
We have coin operated photocopiers on the second and third floors of the North Campus Library as well as at the Social Science and Education Library . Cost of copies is 10 cents per page. The copiers can also scan. There is no charge for scanning. Please bring your own USB flash drive if you want to take advantage of this service. More...

3D printers. We offer 3D printing at both the North Campus and the Downtown campus locations. Please see the main 3D printing section for details.

Other equipment

Adaptive technology:

Computers loaded with adaptive software, height adjustable table, LCD monitor, etc. are available at  the Assisted Use Carrel room. For more information, refer to our Accessibility Services page.