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Instructional Services: Classes Offered

Instructional Services

Reference Librarians provide instruction to students and support to faculty in the areas of research and information literacy.

Information literacy is more than knowing how to use a computer. It is the ability to:

  1. Analyze a problem
  2. Know what and how much information is required
  3. Seek out the information from the proper resources
  4. Evaluate the results of a search
  5. Make conclusions reformulating the answer in your own words.

It's far beyond accepting the first records found by using Google!

ALA (American Library Association) provides a comprehensive definition of information literacy emphasizing its importance to lifelong learning and society.

Classes Offered

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To schedule a library class, see the list of Reference/subject librarians on this page or use the general Library contacts page.

The classes outlined below cover topics commonly requested by instructors.

Information Literacy Skills: An Introduction
One 50 minute class
Classes cover the research process, with an emphasis on using the resources and guides accessible on the library website to find and retrieve information from books, articles and recommended websites; and analyzing and evaluating these sources. The general skills learned in these classes assist students throughout their stay on campus and beyond.
Using Library Resources to Conduct Research for a Specific Assignment
One 50 minute class; additional 50 minute tutorials as appropriate
These classes are designed to teach students how to use the tools required to find and retrieve information for a specific assignment.  
Guest Lecturer
10 minutes - 50 minutes
Invite a librarian to your class for a short visit, to provide targeted instruction on a specific skill like finding course reserves or, book a longer visit, and we'll review the entire research process, identifying stages where library resources and library staff can provide assistance.  
Library Tour
20 minutes; in your class or at the library
Visit the library with your class for a walking tour of the library, and an overview of the library services and facilities available to students. Virtual tours are available for those unable to bring their class to the library.



Contact Us

Contact the Reference Desk at x2390 for further information or to schedule a class.

The library has two classrooms with seating and computer work-stations that may be combined to accommodate up to 60 students.

Subject Librarians

Meghan Miller
Science, Engineering & Energy Librarian
905-721-2000 x5360
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Ken McFarlan
Health Sciences Librarian
905-721-8668 x2962
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Kate Gibbings
Education Librarian
905-721-8668 x2976
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Fiona Munroe
Business & Online Learning Librarian
905-721-8668 x2963
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Chelsie Lalonde
Social Sciences & Humanities Librarian
905-721-8668 x5651
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