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Streaming Videos and Media: Closed Captioning

Finding Closed Captioned Videos

Find closed captioned videos by using the Library's catalogue or searching individual collections.

Using the Advanced Catalogue Search, type in "closed caption$" along with your topic (the $ retrieves all possible endings of the word 'caption').

e.g. closed caption$ AND nutrition

For more assistance with searching, please contact your subject specialist librarian - see the Contact page or

Using existing closed captioned media is encouraged. The cost of making a request to a vendor to close caption, or to modify a non-closed captioned DVD from a television series (e.g. CBC) can be very costly (often over $500) and time consuming (8-12 weeks). For more information, please contact Carol Mittlestead, Associate Librarian for Collections via email or 905-721-8668 x2005.

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Closed Captioned and Described Video