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Social Science and Education Library: Equipment

Social Science and Education Library


Adding a printer

The name of printer queue in the 61 Charles Street Building is AP61Charles.

For instructions on how to add the Social Science and Education Library printer to an institutional or personal laptop, go to the IT Services Printing page. 

Uploading documents to a printer

If you are unable to add a printer to your personal laptop, you can use Web Print to upload a document and send it to a selected printer. Log in to the IT Services Print Management page with your Network ID and select Web Print. 

Print credits

Students and staff have a certain number of print credits added to their account each year. Print credit balances can be checked by logging in to the Print Management page. IT Services provides information on where to buy additional print credits on their Printing page. 

Computers & Internet Access

The Social Science and Education Library has two computers for public use. 

Internet connections are available throughout the library and wireless access throughout the building. For library patrons who do not have a Network login and password, please see library staff. 

IT Services is responsible for problems with Network logins and passwords. For assistance with your Network login, please contact IT Services: (905) 721 - 8668 x3333 or

Photocopier & Scanner


The photocopier is coin-operated and the cost is 10 cents per copy.


The photocopier can be used for scanning at no charge. Patrons must insert a USB key to save scanned files. Instructions for using the photocopier and scanner are posted by each machine, along with the Copyright Guidelines. Requests for assistance, change, or problems with the photocopiers are handled at the Library Service Desk.

iPad & Equipment Loans

The following items are available at the Service Desk for borrowing:



  • Dry erase markers
  • Calculators

Laptop Rentals

Laptop rentals are available to accommodate students who need a laptop for a short period of time.

Students rent laptops from the Library Service Desk using their student photo ID cards, with payment due upon return. 

The rental program is managed by IT Services.

3D Printer

The Social Science and Education Library's Makerbot Desktop 3D Printer is available for students, faculty and staff to use.

For more information about 3D printing services at the Downtown and North Oshawa locations, or to submit a print request, go to the 3D Printing guide.