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AMS Citation Style Guide

AMS Citations often uses numerical citations directly within the text, as a number within square brackets at the end of the sentence [45].  Specific pages can also be mentioned if you are using multiple pages from the same source throughout your paper [23, p 18].

A second system uses the name of the author and the publishing year similar to that of APA style.  This means a source by Simpson, published in 2002, will be written as [Si02]

What is RefWorks?

RefWorks LogoRefWorks is a web-based citation manager. With RefWorks you can easily generate a bibliography and format it in any major bibliographic style (e.g.: APA, MLA, Chicago).

Find more information about using RefWorks and create an account.

What is EndNote?

EndNote Logo

EndNote is a bibliographic software system that can be used to import citations, create a collection of references, and create and format citations for papers.

EndNote X5 is the desktop version, where you can upload and save images and manage documents as well as their accompanying citations.

EndNote Web is the online version, where you can import citations.

Find more information about using EndNote and create an account.

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