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Teaching Support

Sample Classes

Research, inquiry and information literacy skills are crucial to students' success in university, in the workplace and as lifelong learners. 

The sample classes below cover topics commonly requested by faculty. 

Research & Information Literacy Skills - Introduction

Classes cover aspects of the research process. Students compare types of sources for different purposes, use search tools to retrieve relevant sources, evaluate information gathered, and identify resources to assist with citation.

Research for an Assignment

Classes are designed to support a specific course assignment. Students identify the type of information needed and use subject or discipline-specific resources.

Graduate Research Skills

Topics for graduate student sessions can include literature searching, discipline-specific resources, citation management and staying organized, documenting scholarly impact, identifying publications for submission, and meeting grant requirements for publication and data management.

Library Tour

Visit the library with your class for a walking tour of the library, an overview of the library services and facilities available to students. Virtual tours are available for those unable to bring their class to the library.

Research & Information Literacy Skills Resources

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