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Networking & IT Security

Theses & Dissertations

Discover theses on your topic and read through the literature review section to get a listing of the most impactful literature on the topic.

Article Metrics

Articles are published in journals.

Article metric or impact is calculated based on the number of times it has been cited.

Track who cited an article or book. Citation searching is useful for determining the impact of an article, book or author. It can be used to identify journals in which to publish, monitor research in a particular field, and identify potential research partners.

Author Metrics

Author metrics show an author's overall impact based on all the author's publications and the number of times they were cited.

Use author metrics to track how often an author's work is cited, discover who is doing similar work, track the work of colleagues, explore the evolution of the literature, identify key scholars in the field, and build a profile so others can find your work.

Use these databases to track who has cited an author's article.

Journal Metrics

Journal metrics are used to measure the impact of articles published in a journal. 

The databases and tools below allow you to look up journals and view a variety of metrics. You can also view journals within a subject category, ranked by specific metrics.