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Start-up Research Guide

Industry Information

Find Industry Reports and search for companies within a specific industry. Get an overview of industry trends and news.

Conduct a search for your industry name and terms such as 'industry profile' OR 'industry report' OR simply 'industry'. You can also search for an industry name and terms such as "supply chain"  and "customers".

Example search: "information technology" AND "customers"

Industry Information Online

Trade Publications

Trade publications can be an invaluable source of up-to-date industry information that can include information on current trends, new markets, market research and job opportunities.

Industry Associations

Industry and trade associations can be an excellent source of information as they often conduct their own market/industry research. Their websites can also often include member directories which can help you identify competitors or customers.

Conduct a search in Google for the name of your industry and terms like "trade association" or "industry group".


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