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Submit a Copyright Permissions Request

Complete a copyright licensing request when seeking to get permission to reuse content from the rights holder. Questions about whether or not copyright permission is required for a resource can be directed to

Note: Please submit individual requests for each resource you are seeking permission to use, or if you are looking at using multiple items from one resource.

Find and Reuse Works

Students and faculty are increasingly using images and media to create work, including presentations, videos and open course content. ‚ÄčImages, music, videos and other works posted on the internet are protected by copyright and proper attribution is required. Citations should include the source of the material used and, if available, the name of the creator.

When crediting a work, you may not need to use a specific citation style, but you do need to provide attribution in the way the creator requested. Some licenses may require that you place the citation near the work, while others allow you to group citations together at the end of a work. Citation format may vary depending on the license or the citation practices of each discipline.

Citations should generally include the following information:

  • Title (if there is one)
  • Author (or owner of the material)
  • Source (where it can be found; usually a link)
  • License (if there is one; include the name of specific license with a link to that license).

An easy way to find media to reuse and remix is to search for Creative Commons, licensed, and public domain works.

Additional Resources

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