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Library Licenses

The Ontario Tech Library licenses a variety of content from vendors and publishers to provide the campus with thousands of electronic resources (databases, e-journals, e-books, etc.). Use of all electronic resources subscribed to by the Ontario Tech Library is governed by licensing agreements that restrict use to current Ontario Tech students, faculty and staff, for education or research purposes only. Generally, the licenses exclude alumni and the community at large, but do permit occasional, "walk-in" users in the library.

Conditions of Use and Licensing Restrictions for Library Subscription e-Resources

License Agreements

Conditions for use of the digital resource subscriptions are set out in the licenses from the publishers/vendors. Users are responsible for complying with the terms and conditions of use. Some general principles are:

  • Authorized users may use the content of e-resources only for teaching, private study, or research purposes.
  • Authorized users may download, save, copy or print a reasonable, insubstantial portion of the content of an e-resource in compliance with prevailing copyright law restrictions.

Prohibited Uses/Actions

  • Systematic/excessive downloading from an e-resource.
  • Archiving of downloaded materials on local servers without permission.
  • Posting downloaded materials to a listserv, on a website or to an email list.
  • Redistributing downloaded materials or sharing passwords with unauthorized users.
  • Reselling, redistributing or republishing of any journal text, output, search results, or other information in any form or medium.

Systematic/Excessive Downloading

Systematic downloading/copying of an "excessive" portion of a resource either manually or using robots, spiders, or other automated programs, and archiving the downloaded content in any format or medium is strictly prohibited. For example:

  • Continuously downloading one article after another.
  • Continuously downloading tables of contents, search results, citations or output.
  • Downloading the entire issues or volumes of an e-journal.
  • Downloading the entire contents of an e-book or multimedia resource.

Consequences of Violation

  • Publishers/vendors may cut off access to the particular e-resource from the entire University community for unauthorized use or infringement.
  • The entire contents of all Library subscribed e-resources are also protected by copyright law. Users are fully responsible for any legal consequences arising from excessive downloading or infringement of copyright law.

*Derived from Conditions of Use and Licensing Restrictions from Run Run Shaw Library at the City University of Hong Kong. Thank you to the Run Run Shaw Library for assistance in developing these conditions of use.

Library Licensing Information

The Ontario Tech Library licenses many electronic resources for its staff, faculty, and current students including indexes, databases, journals, and e-books. Access to these resources is governed by contractual agreements (license agreements) with resource providers. The agreements stipulate that access to the resource is restricted to current students, faculty and staff of Ontario Tech. Use of these resources may only be used for educational and research purposes only and not for commercial purposes.

To determine whether or not copies of works found on an electronic resource may be made, review the Terms of Use of the resource for licensing information.

Please remember that violations of our license terms by anyone can result in the loss of access to that resource for the entire university community. If you are unsure about what you can do with a particular resource, check the permitted uses for that resource in our license database.

Generally Allowed:

  • Use by "walk-in" users not affiliated with Ontario Tech
  • Printing or downloading a copy of an article for yourself
  • Using licensed material for research, instruction, and educational purposes
  • Sharing an article with a fellow member of the Ontario Tech community
  • Posting persistent links to licensed material
  • Transmitting short excerpts by email, or uploading copies within a secure network

Generally Not Allowed:

  • Remote use to those who are not students, faculty or staff of Ontario Tech
  • Excessive printing or downloading (e.g. whole journal issues, whole books)
  • Commercial use, selling or distributing licensed material
  • Sharing material with others not affiliated with Ontario Tech
  • Posting or scanning articles or book chapters on personal websites

Always acknowledge the source on any published or unpublished document.

Permanent Links

If the license prohibits copying, a permalink (durable link) to the article can be used. Permalinks provide access to articles for students and raise no copyright issues. However, some vendors, such as LexisNexis, do not allow the use of permalinks (durable links) so be sure to check each database's Terms of Use. Sometimes permalinks will send the user to the journal home page and not the article page, even if the permlalink specifies the article page.

Creating a Permalink

When a permalink is available, the student simply clicks on the permalink to view the article. To make a durable link:

  1. Find an article.
  2. If the vendor provides a durable link, copy and paste that link to Blackboard or to a webpage. For example, the durable link for Maclean's Magazine in the EBSCO Business Source Complete database is
  3. VERY IMPORTANT: To ensure proper off campus accessibility and user authentication, place the library proxy server address before the durable link if it is not already there:

    Example of a durable link (make sure there are no spaces):

Feature Film Licenses

Legally acquired films (available from a public library, video store, or a personal copy) may be shown in class for non-profit educational purposes without paying public performance rights Copyright Act, Educational Institutions, Performances 29.5 (d).

When Ontario Tech purchases films that are offered at an institutional price, the institutional price must be paid. Feature length films (videos/DVDs) available in the library catalogue have been purchased for classroom use and are licensed for non-theatrical public performance use and may be viewed in the classroom.


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