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Educational Theories


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Ivan P. Pavlov

• Pavlov, I.P. (1928). Lectures on conditioned reflexes. New York: Liverwright. [Ontario Tech eBook]

• Pavlov, I. P. (1949). Conditioned responses. In Dennis, W. (Ed.), Readings in general psychology (pp. 249-267). Prentice-Hall. doi: [Ontario Tech Article]

B.F. Skinner

• O'Donohue, W. & Feguson, K.E. (2001). The psychology of B.F. Skinner. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. doi: 10.4135/9781452229409 [Ontario Tech eBook]

• Skinner, B. F. (2012). The experimental analysis of behavior. American Scientist, 100(1), 54. [Ontario Tech Article]

John B. Watson

• Watson, J. B. (1913). Psychology as the behaviourist views it. Psychological Review, 20(2), 158-177. doi:10.1037/h0074428 [Ontario Tech Article]

• Watson, J. B., & Rayner, R. (1920). Conditioned emotional reactions. Journal of Experimental Psychology, 3(1), 1-14. doi:10.1037/h0069608 [Ontario Tech Article]

Edward L. Thorndike

• Thorndike, E.L. (1905). The elements of psychology. New York: A.G. Seiler. [eBook - Internet Archive]

• Thorndike, E.L. (1913). Educational psychology: The psychology of learning. New York: Teachers College. [eBook - Internet Archive]

• Thorndike, E.L. (1931). Human learning. New York: Century Co. [eBook - Hathi Trust]

• Thorndike, E.L. (1932). The fundamentals of learning. New York: Teachers College. [eBook - Hathi Trust]

• Thorndike, E.L. (1928). Adult learning. New York: MacMillan. [eBook - Hathi Trust]

Clark L. Hull

• Hull, C.L. (1930). Knowledge and purpose as habit mechanisms. Psychological Review, 37(6), 511-525. doi:10.1037/h0072212 [Ontario Tech Article]

• Books by Clark Hull [Worldcat]


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