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Educational Theories

Find original theoretical sources

Find background information on the theory through reference works, books, and websites. 

Look for references to theorists' names. For example:

"Social cognitive theory (SCT) is an account of human behavior and learning developed during the last half of the 20th century by Albert Bandura..."

-- Martin, J. (2014). Social cognitive theory. In D.C. Phillips (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Educational Theory and Philosophy (759-762). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. 

Proceed to Step 2. 

There are different ways to find articles written by a specific author/theorist. 

Try doing an internet search for the author's name and terms such as bibliographypublications, or CV. You may find online bibliographies for well known authors, and current scholars often put lists of their books and articles online on university faculty pages or personal websites. For example:

Albert Bandura - Papers

Dr. Maggie McPherson's Publications

If you cannot find a good publications list, search for the author by name in catalogues and databases such as:

Google Scholar

Scopus - A citation database available through Ontario Tech

Ontario Tech Library Omni Search - Advanced

Worldcat - For books

Identify relevant articles and proceed to Step 3. 

Once you've found a citation, search for a copy of the publication that you can access. For example:

Bandura, A. (2001). Social cognitive theory: An agentic perspective. Annual Review of Psychology, 52, 1–26.

(Cited in the encyclopedia entry listed Step 1). 

a) An article citation

Search for the article (for example, by copying the title and authors) in Google Scholar and/or Ontario Tech Library Omni Search

If you cannot find a full-text copy of the article, search for the journal in the Ontario Tech Library Journals A-Z search. Navigate to the appropriate year, volume, issue and article. 

b) A book

Search Ontario Tech Library Omni Search for Ontario Tech eBook and print copies, and Worldcat for copies at a library near you. 

Books can also be requested through Interlibrary loan and mailed to registered Distance borrowers

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