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Kits and Manipulatives


AngLegs are line segments that can be joined together to created closed figured polygons.

Elementary geometry


Geoboards can be used as a tool to explore basic concepts in plane geometry, such as perimeter, area, and the characteristics of triangles and other polygons.

G-O frames

G-O-Frames (Geometry-On-Frames) are a set of 7 standard 2-D geometric shapes that can be hinged together to create 3-D platonic solids.   3-D solids can also be de-constructed and laid flat to show how a 3-D platonic solid is made.


Geo mirrors reflect images for lessons in symmetry, congruency, lines and planes. They assist students when drawing angles, bisections, perpendicular and parallel lines.


Tangrams and Pentominoes

Tangram puzzles assist with the study of plane geometry - shape names, transformations (flip, slide, turn), angles, symmetry, and interrelationships among shapes. Problem solving skills and strategies are refined by: trial and error, visual analysis of space, perseverance, and predicting.


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