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Kaelan Caspary

STEM and Data Librarian
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Kaelan Caspary
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MI (Toronto), Hons. B.A. (Guelph)

I am the Liaison Librarian for the Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science and for the Faculty of Science, responsible for selecting resources and supporting the following programs.

  • Applied Bioscience
  • Applied and Industrial Mathematics
  • Biological Science
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Forensic Science
  • Materials Science
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Physics
  • Radiation Science
  • Science and Management
  • Sustainable Energy Systems

I am out of the office due to COVID-19, but we can meet virtually. Please send me an email or book an appointment.

As your liaison librarian, I am available to deliver customized information literacy classes and workshops, provide research support to students, faculty and staff, and select materials for Library collections. Contact me to discuss research help for assignments, citation tools, advanced research and support for graduate students and faculty, access to data sets, research data management, copyright, open access and scholarly publishing, OERs, and more.

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Forensic Science
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Spatial Data
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