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Research Data Management

A guide to finding, planning, and sharing research data.

Data Management Plan

A data management plan (DMP) is a document that describes the data that will be collected throughout a project, and how the data will be organized, stored, and shared. There are 5 components of any data management plan:

  • Types of data that will be produced or collected
  • Data and metadata standards
  • Policies for access and sharing
  • Policies for re-use and distribution
  • Plans for archiving and preservation

Data Management Plan Benefits

A data management plan (DMP) will:

  • define the steps you need to manage your data
  • strengthen your research ethics application
  • ensure you follow funder and journal requirements
  • clarify what you need for longer-term data management
  • give your data a longer lifespan and strengthen your research process

Source: University of Alberta Libraries Research Data.

Resources to Create a Data Management Plan

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